Contact me

Email me here: Ben Koshy

What is this?

A series of posts, mostly as a reference for myself. Some parts are a work in progress.

Why this blog?

  • I find that concepts are explained in a complicated matter everywhere. I am aiming to write SIMPLE explanations of programming concepts so that even 4 year olds will understand - from all concepts that I know something about, from what is a shim, to explaining AWS IAM concepts.

About me:

Here’s what I do:

(a) Web Development

  • Ruby on Rails projects, and all that it encompasses, including for example: Elm and now React.

(b) Cad Development

  • Autocad .Net API development.
  • Tekla Open API Projects

(c) Languages

  • C#, Ruby, Elm and Javascript - my preference is to avoid the latter if possible.

About Me Personally:

  • Double Jumper (it’s like the Triple Jump but one less), Amatuer weather commentator and sports analyst, part-time foot model and chess dilettante. Roughly in that order. j/k.